Our Mission

Dear community member,

We have been blessed that our parents and grandparents have ingrained in us the crucial value of giving. As such, our community is world renowned for its love of charity. People from far and wide rely on us to help individuals, families and institutions.


There are so many people out there who have all kinds of needs, small and large. Fortunately, our community continues to innovate ideas to service those needs. To that end, the concept of Direct Charity was born. The idea is simple: one can give to a direct and specific need that a family has with the click of a button. It might be an appliance, a roof that collapsed, a plumbing issue, clothing for the holiday, meals for Shabbat, or a package of the Seder necessities for the upcoming holiday of Pesah. Direct Charity pairs up the donor with those in need, while keeping each of them confidential. Each need is discreetly verified and approved by the Rabbis of our community.

Each donor will be able to see all the available opportunities on the Direct Charity website. All relevant details will be shown, including the location of the recipient (e.g. NY, NJ). With a click of the mouse, one can own that mitzvah and pay for it with a credit card. Those who want to give money upfront will be able to setup an individual account, and they will be able to distribute their money as the cases become available.

Referrals to Direct Charity will come from Rabbis, concerned community members or the individuals themselves. Applications will be reviewed and processed for approval in an expedient manner. We anticipate a great sense of relief that the family will feel after receiving the help they need.

This project has been in the works for over six months, and the video that you will see was produced a few months back. The cutting-edge technology to produce the Direct Charity website was completed this past week and is now ready to launch. Obviously, our world has changed dramatically over the last few weeks. The need for Direct Charity has only gotten greater, as it gives those who need- the ability to ask, and those who have- the opportunity to give.